.wasmunds – single malt

An American single malt from the Copperfox distillery in Sperryville, Virginia, created from their own malting floors, kiln-dried and smoked with apple and cherry wood and matured in ex-Bourbon casks with the addition of apple and oak chips, and for that reason I am not even sure this could legally be called whisky in the EU. The sample I found in my large sample arena , had aged for 42 months.

download48% abv, €70
single malt

Nose: A bit of an oddball this, honey sweet with wood smoke and chalk at first. With a little rest, the wood smoke is still there, with the addition of green iced tea with lime juice.
Palate: Honey sweet initially, followed by hot, spicy paprika and bay leaf. Again, the green iced tea with lime juice to top it off.
Finish: the sweet and spice notes have diminished on the finished into nothingness and are replaced by a long lasting taste of smoked green wood.

Conclusion: Odd. They use a different recipe as we are used to with other single malts, and dare to think and act outside the box, which is nice. Kudos for that, but because of the raw green wood notes, it’s not something I would easily look for again.


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