.louis royer – vsop – force 53°


This cognac from the house of Louis Royer, cognac makers and beekeepers in the Grand Champagne since 1853, have bottled this high strength vsop, rather on the high end for a cognac. The guys and gals of the Drinks by the Dram team put a sample of it behind door number 10 of their 2016 Cognac Advent Calendar.  Thanks for sharing!

10_louis-royer-vsop-force-53-high-strength-cognac53% abv, €40

Nose: sweet, fresh, mint, eucalyptus, honey, spicy, nutmeg, fruit, pear, apricots, litchi, nuts, hazelnuts
Palate: sweet, creamy honey, glucose syrup, spicy, gentle allspice, hints of nutmeg, fruit, pears, apricots, canned peaches, nuts, hazelnuts
Finish: medium long, sweet, honey,  fruit, apples, pears, apricots, nuts, hazelnuts

Conclusion: at first, the nose is a bit closed and reveals only sweetness, later some of the fruit comes through. The punch of the alcohol makes it different on the palate from what I first expected on the nose. The hazelnuts are a nice touch…


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