.michters us*1 – kentucky straight bourbon


From the small Michters distillery in Kentucky, a small team produces small batches from a carefully selected mashbill. A small number of casks – rarely more than twelve barrels at a time, some of which are as old as eight years of age, are selected from the warehouses at one time and blended together leaving very little room to even out the potential lesser cask.

09_michters-us-1-bourbon-whiskey45.7% abv, €60
straight bourbon

Nose: tempered back at first, then sweet, honeycomb, vanilla, caramel, spicy, black pepper, nutmeg, cloves, slight nutty, walnuts
Palate: sweet, vanilla, creamy caramel, maple syrup, butterscotch, spicy, anise, touches of cinnamon, nutmeg
Finish: medium long, slightly dry, sweet, honey, hints of oak, tannin

Conclusion: has to open up first, but after about ten minutes, there are nice things to be found. Too bad the tannins in the finish roughen it up a little.

.this sample was kindly given to us by Drinks by the Dram, door number nine of the Bourbon Advent Calendar 2016. Thanks for sharing!



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