.three ships – 10yo single malt

From the South African James Sedgwick distillery, comes the first ten year old single malt from the country, and as far as I know, the African continent. The Three Ships Single Malt, distilled by the passionate Andy Watts in July 2005, has been maturing in American oak casks ever since, to be released to the public in July 2016. South Africa is a country which was on our wish list to travel to for a while already, and with the distillery having opened for tours recently, we have one more reason not to postpone any longer.

three-ships-10yo-sm43% abv, €60
single malt

Nose: After the spirit has rested for in the glass for a little while, she reveals some sweetness of a floral heather honey, together with notes of fresh ground peppercorns. Almonds and salted butter, with the fruity scent of ripe bananas and a hint of fudge and dried fruit are nicely built up towards the taste.
Palate: Roasted almonds with the sweetness of marzipan, vanilla and honey, the florality of buttercups and heather and the fruitiness of citrusy orange peel, converge into a creamy mouth feel at first, which is slowly drying with a gentle hint of bay leafs.
Finish: A medium long and dry finish, a little nutty from almonds and a sweet mouthful of raspberries and cranberries, with hints of orange peel and marzipan.

Conclusion: Very nice. She really needs to get used to the glass and air for a quarter of an hour or so, but when she gets going, she seems to be having fun, entertaining the olfactory and gustatory systems.

.this sample was kindly given to us by Three Ships, to taste, make a note and share


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