.le reviseur – vs


Disclaimer: I suck at French, but I have visited the French / Chinese Le Réviseur website and tried to gather some information about this cognac. For the record; I suck at Chinese too.

The 90 hectares of Le Réviseur vineyards are located in the Petit Champagne area of the Cognac region, thus producing aromatic wines. The distillation in the relatively small 1.600 litres stills, combined with the ageing in dry cellars produces powerful cognacs with a concentrate of aromas.

07_le-reviseur-vs-cognac40% abv, €35

Nose: fragrant, sweet, toffee, caramel, floral, honeysuckle, rose-petals, fruit, apricots, candied ginger
Palate: sweet, honeycomb, floral, honeysuckle, roses, fruit, apples, pears, apricots, candied ginger, litchi
Finish: long, creamy honey, fruit, sweet grapes, citrus, grapefruit

Conclusion: From very fragrant to quite monotonous is quite a short time. Not bad though, but not exiting either.

.this sample was kindly given to us by Drinks by the Dram in their Cognac Advent Calendar 2016, behind door number 7. Thanks for sharing!




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