.a.e. dor – xo cognac


From the A.E. Dor Tradition range, we have received a blend of the Grande Champagne and Petit Champagne eau-de-vies in the Cognac region. From 1858, Amédée-Edouard DOR, born and bred in the region, was determined to select and collect the finest cognacs, ageing them for decades in oak casks. The best of these cognacs from the Grande Champagne were carefully transferred into wax-sealed glass demijohns, where they were allowed to rest further, without the risk of over-ageing in oak and in which they are still preserved today. It is, however, very unlikely that even a single drop of this century and a half old liquid has reached this bottling of the brand, but now that I have your attention, let’s see what it does in another glass; the one in front of me.

06_ae-dor-xo-fine-champagne-cognac40% abv, €110

Nose: slightly sweet, butterscotch, fresh vanilla pods, floral, buttercups, tobacco leaves, warm leather, cocoa beans, coffee beans, sandalwood
Palate: spicy, nutmeg, clove, only then the sweetness comes through, honey, fresh vanilla, butterscotch, candied apples
Finish: long, strong citrus zest, marmalade, sweet, honey, a slight bitter

Conclusion: Rich, fruity, not overly sweet… Yes! I am glad I didn’t give up on the calendar in the first days of this years Advent. I can almost understand there are people raving about the beauties that are to be found in the Cognac region, but I am not entirely sure I could afford a bottle in this price range yet.

.a sample of this Cognac was kindly given to us by Drinks by the Dram, behind door 6 of their 2016 Cognac Advent Calendar. Thanks for sharing!

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