.port charlotte – 10yo – second edition

Once upon a time, to be precise, last Thursday at 20:00h CET, there was a #tenstroika twitter tasting. This tasting was professionally guided by the good people of Bruichladdich’s communications team, who had gifted us the troika of the second editions of the Laddie Ten, the heavily peated Port Charlotte 10 and the über-peated Octomore 10. After we had sniffed, sipped, swallowed and thoroughly enjoyed the Laddie Ten.2, the whisky next in line was accidentally nicknamed Piet, which quickly became the running gag of the evening. Piet has matured full term in first-fill ex-Bourbon, ex-Sherry, ex-Tempranillo and ex-French wine casks, married and diluted with Islay spring water, before being bottled into 18,000 numbered bottles.

pc_102450% abv, €55
single malt

Nose: Initially, there is the scent of burning hay, which is normal with a properly made Piet. Biscuits and butterscotch follow suit, and once the nose is used to the briny smoke, salted citrus peel dipped in chocolate reveal themselves, accompanied by whiffs of tobacco and mint.
Palate: sweet, smoke and fire, in a mix between spicy candied ginger and hot fresh ginger, side by side with fresh menthol, which slowly converges into sweet eucalyptus. Slightly dry after some time, and at that same time, more sweet fruit notes show themselves in form of mango and peach, with a sticky toffee in the back.
Finish: the sweet of the toffee gets longer and spicier, briny smoke releases chilly spices, and liquorice root leaves a sweet, menthol-fresh anise flavour, which stays.

Conclusion: Still one of the nicest peated whiskies available. As far as I know, the peat used to get to the ca. 40ppm doesn’t come from Islay, which is maybe a little odd for a company so ‘high’ on terroir, but okay, since it is the result that matters, and that result my friends, is spot on.



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