.ezra brooks – old ezra – 7yo

Distilled from a sour mash and aged in new charred American Oak barrels for seven years by Ezra Brooks distilling Ltd., before being charcoal filtered to mellow the spirit before it is bottled at 101 proof.

05_old-ezra-7-year-old-whiskey50.5% abv, €49

Nose: sweet, dark chocolate, nuts, hazelnuts, Nutella, floral, roses, geraniums, cedar wood, tobacco leaves, spices, cinnamon, nutmeg
Palate: spicy, jalapeño peppers, tobacco leaves, dark chocolate, cocoa, sweet, honey, fruit, pomegranate, nuts, pecans, cedar wood, marmalade
Finish: medium long, sweet, caramel, butterscotch, green oak, spice, cinnamon

Conclusion: Aha. This is nice. Same as before; I think I found a brand I would not mind taking a closer look at what else they have is store…

.a sample of this fine bourbon kindly given to us by Drinks by the Dram as the fifth bourbon in their Bourbon Advent Calendar 2016, thanks for sharing! 



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