.ragnaud-sabourin – vs no.4

The chaps from Ragnoud-Sabourin have been distilling and blending grape varieties since 1850, and are still at it, following the traditional recipes of their ancestors. Their No.4 cognac is the entry-level cognac of the brand.

41% abv, €51

04_ragnaud-sabourin-no-4-vs-cognacNose: sweet, glucose syrup, nougat, fruit, aprocots, mango, almond milk, spicy, nutmeg
Palate: sweet, creamy honey, floral, rose(petals), spice, white pepper, a hint of nutmeg, a whiff of new leather
Finish: medium long, sweet, creamy honey, floral, roses

Conclusion: This is much better from what I expected after the previous three days. I am either getting used to the sweetness, or they have ramped up the quality of the spirit.

.this sample was kindly given to us by Drinks by the Dram from behind door No.4 (hur-hur) of their Cognac Advent Calendar 2016, thanks for sharing!

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