.courvoisier – vsop exclusif

What’s this? A second advent calendar tasting note? Yes. The guys and gals at Drinks by the Dram must have lost a set of marbles somewhere, and sent us one calendar – each, not that we are complaining… From this day on, I will post one bourbon note in the morning and one cognac note in the evening, until we reach Christmas. It’s a hard life…
One thing is for sure; I was never properly introduced to drinking cognac, so this calendar is a great opportunity for me to explore the regional French distillate a little further.

01_courvoisier-exclusif-cognac40% abv, €38

cognac, vsop

Nose: sweet, honey, soft caramel, glucose syrup, floral, geraniums, fruit, peach, iced black tea, hard herbs, rosemary, bay leaf, mint, a hint of band aids
Palate: sweet, thick honey, fruit, peach, iced black tea, floral, geraniums
Finish: rather short, sweet, honey, sugarcane and that hint of band aids again

Conclusion: Honestly, I am not fond of the stuff. It is really sweet and a bit rough around the edges, and that is just not what I am into. Better luck with the next door?

Thanks for sharing!



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