.murray macdavid – the vatting – siar port

Independent bottlers Murray McDavid have gotten their hands on a vatting of two highland malts. It is more or less a single malt (Glenmorangie), but as things are with the Glenmorangie, they do not allow others to sell their single malt as such, and therefore it has to be tea-spooned with another malt before it hits the market. In this case, (then) sister company  Glen Moray was able to spare a drop or two and fill a (number of) ex-Bourbon cask(s). After finishing it for an unknown period in an ex-Sherry butt, they released a limited number of bottles in the autumn of 2015 as their first vatting,  a vatted malt, which they called Siar Port – West Port in Gaelic, which doesn’t make sense to me, because there is nothing west-coast-y about the ingredients…

46% abv, €60
blended malt

mmcd_the_vatting_1997Nose: sweet, yellow fruit, bananas, mango, peaches, blackcurrant, milk chocolate, a hint of citrus peel, you know, the chocolate covered candied citrus peel…
Palate: light on the palate, sweet, fruity, bananas peaches, apricots, plums, chocolate, dried fruit soaked in rum, christmas cake, spices, a touch of cinnamon and cocoa beans
Finish: medium long, creamy, sweet, honey, fruit, dried fruit, raisins soaked in rum, spicy, hints of nutmeg and allspice and a sudden minty freshness
Mark: +++++

Conclusion: Very nice indeed. Fairly sweet and fruity on the nose and palate, with a creamy and sweet finish to top off with a good dab of whipped cream.

.this sample was kindly given to us by Murray McDavid for a twitter tasting a long long time ago.


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