.clynelish – 1995 – the maltman – cask #6918

A Clynelish always triggers me to pop the cork of the bottle, sniff the contents and pour me a little something. I am rarely disappointed by the it, mostly satisfied and sometimes surprised at what I find. In this case I was surprised. In large letters, I found Clynelish on the label, but with the first sniff, I clearly smelled: a peated whisky? A better look at the label (and the email from Andy) informed me the spirit was distilled in 1995 and matured in… ex-Lagavulin casks (!), before being bottled in September 2016 into 236 bottles.

Expectations are high for this one…

51.2% abv, €??
single malt, non chill-filtered, natural colour

maltman-logoNose: fresh uncooked bacon, wax, hints of smoke, glowing embers, dried fruit, cranberry, raisins, fruit, warm apples,spicy cinnamon, mint, smoked salmon
Palate: slightly sweet, honey, fruit, mango, fresh apricots, berries, black currant, warm cherries, dried fruit, dried apricots, cranberries, spicy, fresh ginger, hints of smoke
Finish: long, smoked berries, cherries, dried fruits, cranberries, apricots, bananas, raisins, smoke
Mark: +++++

Conclusion: Please, show me where to get a bottle. It is said to have been released in the end of October / beginning of November 2016, but I am currently still unable to find a bottle. In exchange, I will happily donate a kidney without any anaesthesia if need be.

.Andy (the Maltmankindly gave us this sample before it was released. SO many thanks for this!


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