.balblair – 1983 – first release

1983_black_background_whisky_detailFrom our trip to Scotland in 2016, we have brought home a small quantity of the 30 something years matured 1983 vintage. Having rested in the on-site Dunnage warehouses in ex-Bourbon casks for this whole period, from which she has gained some characteristic characteristics.
46% abv, €200
single malt, non chill-filtered, natural colour
Nose: sweet, Turkish delight, a hint of almonds – but not nutty (if that makes sense at all), fruity, banana peel, dark chocolate, salted butter
Palate: spicy, cinnamon, citrus, grapefruit, blood oranges, creamy, salted butter, fruit, warm applesauce, stewed pears

Finish: warming, long, mouth-coating and creamy, fairly dark chocolate, not overly sweet, but still some honey and honeycomb, warm applesauce and a spicy, long lasting cinnamon aftermath.

Mark: ++++/+

Conclusion: Really, I got carrots. I can blame the weather or the time of year, but the nose gets what the nose gets. Other than that, she is really nice, the cinnamon is quite up there, which I tend to like, as well as the outspoken grapefruit on the palate. Of late, I get nasal hints of sweet-and-sour (pickles), but am not sure where this comes from, so I left it out of the above summary for now. Hmmm… I Should have done that with the carrots too maybe… Anyway: without stuttering – a good one.

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