.glen garioch – virgin oak

virginoakEast from the Speyside region, tucked away in the Highlands of Scotland, one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland is situated in the town of Oldmeldrum. The distillery is split by a road, its neighbour is an elementary school and the four stills with their ridiculous long lye-arms, produce a creamy and sweet spirit. Let’s see what happens if this is matured in a new (thus; virgin) American oak vessel for an undisclosed period of time…
48% abv, €75
single malt
Nose: sweet, vanilla, honey, honeycomb, chocolate, fruit, citrus, oranges, red berries, juicy ripe cherries, sweet-and-sour pickles
Palate: sweet, creamy honey, honeycomb, dark chocolate, sweet pipe tobacco, spicy, nutmeg and hints of allspice, cinnamon, cloves and new leather

Finish: spicy from cinnamon, sweet, vanilla, honey, milk chocolate, citrus, orange peel (jay! dipped in chocolate!) and a long, creamy aftermath of marshmallows

Mark: +++++

Conclusion: I must say I like this dram. Rather complex, spicy, creamy, sweet, rich. The sweet-and-sour is a bit odd, but isn’t bothering me in the slightest. We have been to the distillery in 2013, and described the distillery quickly in a brief recap of one of the fantastic days we had in the region. Nevertheless, it is high time to return to the area and the distillery, to make some new pictures and elongate the story.

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