.glencadam – new make spirit

.that’s the spirit!

During our travels through Scotland, we visited the Glencadam distillery, and were lucky enough to get a small tasting of seven (!) whiskies, including their freshly squeezed new make spirit. A large enough filling of our glass to request and fill a sample bottle for a tasting note,

68% abv, €not for sale
single malt new make spirit, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: fresh, floral, buttercups, citrus, lime, dried fruit, raisins, earthy, mushrooms, wet leaves
Palate: sweet, fruity, pears, creamy, hints of citrus, lime
Finish: rather short, fruity, pears, dried fruit, raisins, citrus peel
Mark: +++++ 
Conclusion: Ghee. In spite of the high abv, this is very creamy and quaffable stuff. With a little water added, it reveals some earthy notes and specifies the citric and fruity character.

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