.grant’s – family reserve

40% abv, under €20

Nose: sweet grains, honey, cherries, spicy marmalade, a whiff of sulphur, fruit, apple, pear & citrus, spicy, cloves, mint, waxy, creamy, banana peel
Palate: citrus, dark marmalade, lime peel – similar as nose, spicy, ginger, white pepper, creamy, fruity, very ripe fruit, peaches, ripe apricots, a hint of vanilla, creamy
Finish: short, creamy, sweet, ripe stone fruits, plums, plums, plums. Have I said plums? Plums too…
Mark: ++/+++ 
Conclusion: Okay. Not a high-flyer, but certainly bang for your buck. Leave it alone for a moment before drinking.

More info: a large part of this whisky is the grain from the company’s Girvan distillery.
.this sample was sent to us for participating in the #GrantsWhisky twitter tasting

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