.bunnhabhain – 1997-2014 – wemyss malts – smouldering hickory

When we were visiting the Kingsbarns distillery not even this long ago, we had a chance to sample some of their distillery exclusives, that were bottled when the distillery first opened. One of these bottlings was a peated Bunnahabhain, as we encounter more and more on our journeys in the world of whisky,

46% abv, €85
single malt

Nose: sweet, a hint of smoke, bacon, dark honey, floral, heather,nuts, hazelnuts, dark leafy herbs, sage, laurel, a hint of eucalyptus
Palate: sweet, creamy, dark clover honey, honeycomb, floral, a hint of eucalyptus, roasted nuts, chestnuts, spicy, a hint of nutmeg, something that could be chive, smoked bacon
Finish: smoked bacon, spicy, definitely chive, maybe even garlic, sweet, smoked honeycomb, spicy, a hint of nutmeg
Mark: ++++/+
Conclusion: Oh my. This is a very tasty Bunnahabhain. At first, I would not have guessed this was a Bunnahabhain, but then, it isn’t every day we encounter a peated version of this Islay dram.

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