.glenfiddich – 21 – gran reserva

Jeez… this is another dram I have overlooked. Okay, the price is right up there, but if there is money to spent, don’t skip this while browsing in the store, just because it is ‘just’ a Glenfiddich. I am becoming a fanboy, but… there is nothing ‘off’ about the brand, nor this 21 year old, finished for four months in Rum casks, to add this extra layer of sweet oumpfh. Again; Fiddichside banana boats*.

40% abv, €150
single malt

Nose: sweet, brown caster sugar, vanilla, mellow, creamy, honey, fruit, banana, citrus, orange-peel, tangerine, limes
Palate: medium-dry, sweet, brown caster sugar, vanilla, creamy, honey, caramel, toffee, fruit, banana, pear, avocado, caramelised apple, ripe cherries, floral, cherry blossom, spicy, chilli, citrus, lime juice
Finish: long, spicy, white pepper, nutmeg, dry, sweet, honey, vanilla, cotton-candy, floral, honeysuckle
Mark: +++++

Conclusion: Brilliant stuff. The price is up there, but well worth it.

More info: During the Spirit of Speyside festival 2016, a blind tasting was held with six whiskies, divided over three categories: 12yo and under, 13-20yo, 21yo and older. In all three categories, Glenfiddich turned out to be the winner with their standard lineup 12yo, 18yo and 21yo. That alone should say something.

.many thanks to the #dram16winners twitter tasting

*contact me for the simplest recipe ever

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