.dalmunach – single malt – new make spirit

When we knew we would be going to the Spirit of Speyside Festival in 2016, we made sure we would have a couple of days before the festivities would start and contact some of the distilleries in the area that would normally not be open for visitors. One of these distilleries was the brand spanking new Dalmunach distillery, where we were lucky enough to get invited inside and toured around by Pernod Ricard Brand Ambassador Ann Miller and Distillery Manager Trevor Buckley, and were given the opportunity to taste the New Make Spirit…

69.3% abv, €not for sale
single malt new make spirit, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: sweet, rosewater, fruity, raisins, tropical fruit, mango, citrus, lemon, oranges, malty, floral, roses, heather, with water – there are more malty notes and the citrus diminishes a little
Palate: sweet, fruity, raisins, tropical fruit, mango, overripe bananas, floral, heather, herbal, rosemary, creamy mouth feel, with water – milk chocolate, still very creamy, more mango, less citrus 
Finish: sweet, rosewater, floral, roses, heather, fruity, citrus, unripe lime, creamy, milk chocolate, with water – still a firm and creamy dram, more malty notes, more milk chocolate
Mark: +++++ 
Conclusion: Very promising. Looking forward to have a taste of their first (ex-Bourbon barrels) matured stock.


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