.tormore – 1997-2014 – g&m – cc

Seems that I have a lot of catching up to do. I just found out this is going to be my very first Tormore review, whilst having been to the distillery and bringing home some samples to taste. A gorgeous looking distillery from the outside as well as the inside, mainly producing for blenders with only a small percentage ending up as a single malt – which in turn disappears mostly into their largest market; France. This cask from Indie bottling from our friends at Gordon & Macphail has found its way into a completely different territory and has now ended up in my glass for a note.

46% abv, €75
single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: sweet, toffee, vanilla, mocha, coffee beans, milk chocolate, fruit, red apples, ripe pears, citrus, blood oranges
Palate: sweet, toffee, vanilla, spicy, white pepper, cinnamon, fruit, warm apple sauce, mango, citrus, lemon zest, sweet blood oranges, a hint of grapefruit
Finish: long, medium dry, sweet, citrus. orange zest, sweet blood oranges. BOOM! Sweet grapefruit, then; milk chocolate with bits of grapefruit…
Mark: +++++
Conclusion: after a couple of seconds in the finish, you feel like you have just swallowed a grapefruit. A whole grapefruit. In one go. Fairly unexpected to be completely honest, but not unpleasant at all. Very likeable and different.
[rummages through old samples for more Tormores]
More info: Distilled in 1997, matured in a first fill ex-Bourbon cask and bottled on 06/05/2014

.many thanks to Gordon and Macphail for my first official and memorable Tormore experience


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