We received a 10ml sample from a whisky that must have been an Ardbeg. The generous giver was unsure of what it could have been other than an Ardbeg and an official bottling but knew my love for the distillery and insisted I took it. I hid the bottle from the Mrs. and kept the whole mini-mini to myself*

??% abv, €??
single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: sweet, a hint of peat-smoke, sweet, menthol, eucalyptus 
Palate: sweet, honey, floral, violets, eucalyptus, spicy, white pepper, a hint of smoke 
Finish: a hint of smoke, the taste of freshly malted barley, firm, sweet, liquorice, medium long, a slight metallic afterthought
Mark: +++++ 
Conclusion: It is a shame not knowing which whisky this is, really, because this is exactly what I like about whisky.A little smoky, but not too much, a beautiful hint of sweetness and floral notes, and that bit of “oumpfh”. Would I want a bottle? Yes. Can I afford a bottle? No. Because I don’t know which one to look for. Which is sad.
Boss: if you read this, I need a raise. A big one. It is long overdue anyway…
*untrue. The Mrs also knows I still have a soft spot for Ardbeg and freely let me have it. Gotta love her. 
I have let her sniff though. 


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