.compass box – the circus

Compass Box is well known for their bold statements, age statement (the lack thereof) and experimentation with casks, whisky types, out-of-the box maturation and blending, and… the list never stops. The Circus – their latest limited release, perfectly fits in many of these categories, “taking us outside of ourselves – like the best circuses do”.

“If you’re looking for rainbows, look up to the sky.”

– Charlie Chaplin, The Circus, 1928
49% abv, €220
blend, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: sweet, heavy sherried nose, dried fruits, raisins, dates, apricots – the works, gingerbread, exotic fruit, pineapples, mangos, spicy, black pepper, citrus, fermenting blood oranges, liquorice
Palate: sweet, gingerbread, spicy, black peppercorns – freshly ground, dried fruits, dates, apricots
Finish: warm, long, fruity, dried mangos, gingerbread, liquorice root
Mark: ++++/+
Conclusion: Damn, this is a fine dram indeed. Special. Overly Sherried, but not so at the same time, juggling nose and palate around the place. A blend like more should be, and like older blends most likely will have been. Full bodied, built on flavour, packed with character. I am sure I could get more notes, but I have decided to enjoy the other half of my half, rather than over-analysing it.
More info: a limited release of only 2490 bottles from March 2016. Composed from a complex and mysteriously matured stock, where most of the “extraordinarily long” maturation has taken place in the marrying casks, “contributing to the rich Sherry character”. – quoting where necessary.

Blended Scotch 1 – long-term married in refill Sherry butt – 57.2%
Blended Grain – long-term married in refill Sherry butt – 26%
Benrinnes – matured in first fill Sherry butt – 15.4%
Blended Scotch 2 – long-term married in refill Sherry butt – 1.4%

Playing by the rules, no ages are given of any of the whiskies that are used…

.many thanks to Compass Box for sending us a sample of their latest release, making it – once more – very difficult to keep control of our whisky-budget… 


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