.brora – 1982-2008 – g&m – cc

From the mothballed Brora distillery on the Clynelish site – one of my all-time favourite single malts, this was a highly anticipated dram to me. After having built the ‘new’ Clynelish site in 1969, the original site was shortly closed, to be reopened as ‘Brora’ and produce ‘Caol Ila’ style whisky for blending. Due to its own popularity, the distillery kept distilling until 1983, and is since then closed and mothballed.

My first ever Brora…

43% abv, €600

single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Neh. No notes, only leaving a mark.

Mark: +++++ 
Conclusion: Brilliant stuff, but not as brilliant as I had hoped. If you are looking for a nice beefy peated malt, look for a Caol Ila, which is far better available and affordable, also for similar aged products.

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