.kalkwijck – eastmoor – batch #1

In November 2011, distiller Lisanne Benus of Kalkwijck distillers decided to double distill a batch of malted barley and see where it would go three years later. the 150 bottles the cask delivered eventually was sold out within 24 hours, We were lucky enough to receive a sample of this first batch when we were at the distillery.

42% abv, €60
single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: gentle, sweet, a touch of juniper, sage and laurel, rather young, a hint of liquorice
Palate: creamy, sweet, caster sugar, juniper berries, liquorice
Finish: medium long, sweet, rather young, juniper berries, a hint of laurel an liquorice
Mark: +++/++ 
Conclusion: For an experimental, single batch distillate, this is quite all right. There are many distilleries that produce a less attractive result after years of experimenting or even producing and bottling. In my book, this is a sign of good craftsmanship, and I am looking forward to the next batch, in three years.
More info: distilled on 17 November 2011, matured in Virgin French Oak cask #1, bottled on 15 May 2015. In contrast with general distilling methods, Lisanne choose to use the heart of the run with both runs, not re-using the heads and tails. This resulted in a clean and easily drinkable spirit, fairly reminiscent of a good Coornwyn.

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