.port charlotte – cc:01

Designed for the Global Travel Retail market, so this Port Charlotte is only available next time you take a flight, and not via any other channels. Another heavily peated, Islay worthy whisky, with a full time maturation in French ex-Eau de Vie casks from the Western Cognac region.

57.8% abv, €85
single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour
Nose: fresh, sweet, honey, floral, honeysuckle, heather, young, minty, eucalyptus, smoke, fruity, red fruit, berries, raspberries, spicy, cinnamon, laurel, cloves, sage
Palate: sweet, firm, creamy, smoke, sweet, honey, floral, heather, honeysuckle, fruit, red fruit, berries, raspberries, spicy, cinnamon, sage

Finish: long, spicy, creamy, minty, eucalyptus, smoked bacon, spicy, cinnamon, sage, laurel

Conclusion: she takes a while to adapt to the world, but once the young, furniture polish scents are gone, you are safe to give it a go. And once you do, you’re sold. If you are a peat head like I am. Beautiful. Again.

More info: Side by side to the PC8 (the closest I had available), it is not dissimilar, but also, it could be another brand entirely. This has probably to do something with the maturation in ex-Eau de Vie casks, where the PC8 has matured in ex-American Oak casks for its entire maturation period.

Distilled on 03/10/2007, bottled on 21/01/2016. Rotation 16/005 (so, they probably emptied the casks into the marrying milk trucks on the 5th day of 2016).

Update: I was corrected about the Rotation number: Thanks for the review Thomas, much appreciated. Unfortunately not marrying milk truck, 16/005 refers to 5th different product bottled in 2016. So four different products were bottled before PC CC:01 in March. So, now we know…

.many thanks go out to Bruichladdich for sending us the generous sample.

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