.zuidam – aged gin

Following the same recipe as their ‘normal’ dry gin using fresh citrus fruit, Zuidam decided to age the product for a couple of months in new American Oak 200 liter casks. I, for one, am happy they have done so.

44% abv, €30

Nose: sweet, vanilla, fresh citrus, lemons, a touch of juniper berries
Palate: creamy, honey sweet, citrus, fresh lemons, a hint of fennel seeds
Finish: rather long, creamy, citrus, fresh limes, fennel
Mark: ++++/+
Conclusion: I am definitely not a gin drinker, but this… The absence of coriander is a big plus, since I cannot stand the taste of soap in my food and drinks. The aging in virgin oak added something very pleasant. I am sure we will get a bottle of the standard dry gin at some point “to make a tasting note”, but until now, this is by far the most pleasant gin I have ever had.

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