.kalkwijck – graanjenever

Since 2009 Lisanne Benus distills spirits on her family lands. One of these distillates is the Kalkwijck graanjenever, traditionally distilled from a combination of grains and malts coming from their own lands.

35% abv, €15

Nose: grainy, malty, citrus, freshly grated orange peel
Palate: creamy, citrus, orange peel
Finish: creamy, sweet, citrus, blood oranges, medium long
Mark: +++/++ 
Conclusion: My knowledge of jenever isn’t that great, but as far as it goes, this is quite an okay graanjenever. Malty, creamy and a touch of citrus is all I could get from it, but they combine in a nicely balanced drink.

As jenevers are traditionally drunk chilled, I have put it in the freezer for a short while, but that only took away the little flavor that was there to begin with, so I do not recommend doing this.


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