.benromach – 15yo

A new style Benromach, naturally following their 10yo. With the same makeup as the 5, the 10 and the 100 proof, but, well, 15 years old…

43% abv, €50
single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: sweet, honey, floral, dried fruit, a hint of smoke, liquorice, a hint of anise and ginger
Palate: sweet, dried fruit, raisins, sultanas, prunes, firm, creamy, spicy, black pepper, anise
Finish: long, mouth-coating, creamy, quite some smoke, dried fruit, sultanas, chocolate, spicy, black pepper, sage
Mark: +++/++ 
Conclusion: Good stuff. A lot like their 10yo, with a little less smoke and some more of the sweet, fruity flavours.

More info: Well worth the trouble and the €50 in my opinion, but the €15 cheaper 10 year old is just as nice and the equally priced 100 proof has just a little extra on top of that.

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