.strathmill – 12yo – flora and fauna

Discontinued a while ago, this is as close as it gets to an official bottling from this distillery. A series started by Diageo  from their own and previously owned distilleries in the early 1990s, ultimately creating a total of 26 bottles in the mid 2000s. Renowned whisky writer Michael Jackson nicknamed the series “Flora and Fauna” because of the images of animals and plants on the labels, and somehow, it stuck. This was bottled in 2005, and although it is a rather unique “official” bottling, you can still find it for a reasonable price.

43% abv, €45
single malt

Nose: sweet, honey, hay-like, floral, roses, honeysuckle, fruity, pears, red apples, herbal, basil, marjoram, very gentle
Palate: sweet, vanilla, creamy, custard, smooth, fruity, warm red apples, stewed pears, spicy, white pepper, a hint of star anise
Finish: gentle, medium long, spicy, cinnamon, white pepper, herbal, medium dry, sweet, creamy, vanilla, custard, a hint of walnuts, a touch of menthol and anise
Mark: ++++/+
Conclusion: I am fairly surprised by this. Although she is rather sweet, and I do not have a sweet-tooth, I would like to see if I can find a bottle.

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