.invergordon – 50yo

Day 24 of the Drinks by the Dram WhiskyAdvent calendar 2015. The Guys and Dolls at the office must have thought to go out with a bang, and they have found something that fits this description perfectly…

43% abv, €450, single grain

Nose: sweet, pear drops, liquorice root, fruit, warm apples, herbal, cloves, laurel, spicy, cinnamon, cumin, star anise
Palate: sweet, honey, warm cherries, herbal, laurel, cinnamon, cumin, earthy, root vegetables, carrots, parsnip, beetroot
Finish: long, sweet, very gentle, liquorice root, spicy, cumin
Mark: ++++/+ 
Conclusion: If this was only semi-affordable is any way, I would certainly grab my chance and buy a bottle. Very, very nice dram that keeps going.
More info: distilled in November 1964, bottled in February 2015

.many thanks to the kind people of Drinks by the Dram to let us review their 2015 advent calendar

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