.glenfiddich – snow phoenix

“In 2010, twice a winter’s worth of snow fell on our warehouse roofs in just a few weeks. In the most remote part of our Distillery, bearing the weight of a herd of elephants, a few collapsed. 
The bright winter sky poured in, and standing amongst precious casks, our Malt Master was inspired to mark this moment in history.”

47.6% abv, €100*, single malt

Nose: sweet, toffee, rich, fruity, toffee apples, pears, spicy, cinnamon
Palate: sweet, toffee, rich, fruity, apples, warm apple sauce, spicy, white peppers, a touch of cinnamon
Finish: long, sweet, a touch of coffee grind, a hint of allspice
Mark: +++++

Conclusion: ooh, mama… this baby is nice! Too bas she isn’t for sale any longer, and if you can find one, she is priced rather ridiculous. The should toss together a couple of random casks more often, without looking. 

More info: still, about 60.000 bottles were made. Rare, huh…

*starting price in 2010, if you still have a bottle, its value has doubled at least.

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