.arran – that boutique-y whisky company – batch 4

One of my favourite distilleries at this moment, Arran, tucked away behind door number 11 of Drinks by the Dram Whisky Advent Calendar 2015. One of their sister company’s own bottling line no less…

52% abv, €60*, single malt

Nose: an old book store, Granny Smith apples, sweet, vanilla, pickles, Heinz Sandwich Spread
Palate: sweet, vanilla, fruity, Granny Smith apples, exotic fruit, pineapple juice, mangos
Finish: long, sweet, fruity, pineapples, pickles, cotton mouth
Mark: +++++ 
Conclusion: Wow. Let’s sit down a bit. After a while and a generous splash of water, I could get some notes off of her. Not entirely what I expected from a good Arran Malt though, I suspect a dodgy cask or not enough maturation time. Too bad.

Gawd… A couple of minutes in, and the finish is taking over. Violently. The book store I got in the initial scent, has now fully taken control of my palate, assisted by stale cookies. Cookies that have possibly been in the book store since before the start of the distillery. Sorry, I’ll skip this batch if that’s all right with you…

*per 50cl

.many thanks to the kind people of Drinks by the Dram to let us review their 2015 advent calendar

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