.jack ryan – beggars bush – 12yo

Irish single malt whiskey, sourced at the Cooley distillery, selected by the Ryan family members to commemorate the 100th birthday of their Beggars Bush pub in Dublin.

46% abv, €70, single malt, non-chill filtered

Nose: sweet, vanilla, marshmallows, pear drops, fruity, apples, pears, nuts, chestnuts, spices, cinnamon, ginger, anise, cumin, citrus, lemon peel
Palate: sweet, vanilla, spicy, cinnamon, herbs, laurel, red apples, pears, pear drops, citrus, a touch of lemon, creamy vanilla custard, citrus, oranges, marmalade
Finish: medium long, sweet, slight dry, vanilla, custard, orange marmalade, a hint of wood tannins, spicy cinnamon, cumin, a hint of sweet ginger, anise
Mark: +++/++
Conclusion: Very nice. Maybe a bit steep on the pricing, but when I have a sit down and a good talk with the wallet, and discuss a possible spot in the whisk(e)y budget for this.

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