.glenfiddich – malt master edition – batch 01/15

Although sister distillery the Balvenie has had a huge success with their DoubleWood expressions, Glenfiddich themselves have never officially experimented with finishes. That is; until now. With their Malt Master Edition, they have created a whisky that has spent several years in ex-Bourbon casks, and is finished for some more years in ex-Sherry casks.

43% abv, €45, single malt

Nose: sweet, vanilla, toffee, fruits, apples, pears, stone fruits, plums, apricots, peaches
Palate: sweet, vanilla, a hint of toffee, spicy, green herbs, laurel, sage, fruity, stone fruits, plums, dried apricots
Finish: medium long, as much as I hate the word – smooth, dried fruits, herbs, sage
Mark: +++++ 
Conclusion: Rather nice. As with most Glenfiddichs, she is well crafted. There is nothing much ‘wrong’ with her, and if there is something that needs to be pointed out, she is a bit bland, at worst. I could see myself having a bottle of this someday, and enjoy it on a regular basis – no strings attached, a middle of the week dram.

.many thanks to my colleague, who was nice enough to share a sample after he bought a bottle 


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