.balcones – brimstone – 2015

Are they tarring the street? Or maybe they are burning weed in the park? No, none of that… MY HAIR IS ON FIRE! Oh, and bacon. Nice. Bacon good….

53% abv, €115

Nose: bicycle tyres, rubber, smoke, pencil eraser, bacon – the slightly burnt kind
Palate: sweet rubber – like chewing hubbabubba while changing tyres. Burnt bacon too, burnt toffee (or caramel).
Finish: it ends with just rubber, the bicycle kind. Dry. long.
Mark: /+++++ 
Conclusion: I never had much love for bicycles, let alone I was fond of changing tyres. This brings me back to the time I needed to change one every now and again. It is a novelty thing perhaps. Like wheatgrass in the slowjuicer, goji berries and caviar… 

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