.john white

For some time, this blended whisky had been sold in the Rutte shop in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. Developed by John Rutte because he saw the distinct similarities between his jenever and whisky. He created a blend with the tastes of grains and oak, added a touch of juniper berries and a hint of Islay whisky.

40% abv, €22, blended spirit drink

Nose: sweet, toast, warm citrus-peel, warm marmalade
Palate: sweet, citrus, oranges, mouth drying, slight bitter
Finish: dry, medium long, sweet, floral, honeysuckle, heather
Mark: +++/++ 
Conclusion: Composed with a touch of Islay whisky (possibly Laphroaig, but they are quite unspoken about that) and a grain spirit, this would be dubious as a blended whisky, because there is little info available about the grain spirit. The addition of the juniper berries, makes the spirit a jenever anyway, so there is little discussion: this is a blended spirit. Not bad at all, but not immediately my choice of drink, if I would have a choice. 
More info: The name is part an allusion to the 17th century Johan de Witt and partly to himself.

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