.kingsbarns – new make spirit

One year ago today, the Kingsbarns distillery was officially opened. In January 2015 they started distilling, and from August 2015 the new make spirit was of the anticipated quality they felt safe to sell small quantities to the public. We were lucky enough to receive a 5cl sample of the distillery to submit to our approval.

63.5% abv, €20*, single malt new make spirit, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: cookie dough, malty, fruity, sweet caramel apples, dried fruit, raisins
Palate: sweet, raisins, malty, floral, heather
Finish: sweet, malty, a slightly bitter marmalade undertone
Mark: +++++ 
Conclusion: A very pleasant new make spirit, not as rough as some of them can get, not as floral or fruity as others. Quite its own character already, I am curious as to what it may bring us after a couple of years in oak casks. Quite drinkable with a splash of water.
More info: not aged, not chill-filtered, non coloured, not finished – only diluted to the industry strength of 63.5%, right before bottling.

*per 20cl

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