.the english whisky company – classic – twe exclusive

St. George’s distillery in Roundham, Norfolk, in the midst of England, has a vast selection of malts, as the area is (one of) the largest malt production areas in the world. Combined with the Breckland aquifer beneath the distillery, there was no reason not to built a distillery at this location. They are only distilling since December 2006, but the quality of their products already prove they are here to stay.

53.4% abv, €75, single malt, non chill-filtered, natural colour

Nose: sweet, vanilla, toffee, fruity, baked apples, citrus, oranges, marmalade
Palate: sweet, spicy, white pepper, apple pie, tarte tatin, citrus, marmalade
Finish: sweet, long, tarte tatin, baked apples
Mark: +++++ 
Conclusion: Beautiful dram, especially if you are into apples and tarte tartins. 
More info: Knowing the distillery is only there for a couple of years now, this cannot be any older than 9 years of age, but she is probably a couple of years younger than that. This is not at all to be found back in the flavour of the end result, and therefore, on my shopping list. This particular bottling has been for the whisky exchange exclusively (in only 270 bottles) though, so I will probably have to make do with another bottling. I will look for a cask strength, because I am convinced this adds to the flavour.

Perhaps it is a good idea to take the boat to Norwich instead of the one to Newcastle for a change, and stop at the distillery for a tour…

Many thanks to the Whisky Exchange for providing us a sample.


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