.glendronach – 19yo – twe exclusive

GlenDronach. Known for their (overly) sherried whiskies and many exclusive cask strength bottlings. They have built a huge fan club with these types of whiskies, and many resellers, whisky clubs and festivals jump on the bandwagon to provide their visitors and members with one of these bottlings. I wonder how much time it will take for GlenDronach to run out of new ex-Sherry casks, and will be starting to switch to ex-Bourbon. This might be an interesting development to follow…

55.4% abv, €150, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: heavy, sweet soy sauce. Nothing more for me really… 
Palate: sweet, spicy, thick mouth-feel, clover honey, dried fruits – all of them
Finish: sweet, long, dry, all of the dried fruits you can possibly imagine.
Mark: +/++++ 
Conclusion: Let’s just say that I am not a fan of big, sweet ex-PX whiskies. 
More info: distilled on 27-09-1995, matured* in ex-PX-Sherry Puncheon #4028 and bottled in July 2015 into 697 bottles.

*knowing a puncheon is just a little shy of 500 litres, (697 x 70cl = 487,9 litres) and the TWE website states the batch is “bottled from a Pedro Ximenez sherry puncheon”, I am quite sure this whisky has been matured in something else, most likely a (collection of) dead(-ish) ex-Bourbon cask(s), and has seen the insides of an ex-PX cask for only a couple of months at best. That, assuming this is cask strength, or this cask has magically had a 0% angels’ share over the last 19 years. 

Not a bad thing per se, but I would have appreciated it would have been a little more transparent on the labelling. 

Many thanks to the Whisky Exchange for the sample 


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