.inchmurrin – 21yo

From our friend and fellow whisky taster Dave Worthington, we have received this sample of the Inchmurrin 21yo some time ago already. This week, we had a twitter tasting which was presented by Inchmurrin, and we thought it a welcome addition to the already beautiful line-up of the new make spirit, 12yo, 18yo and Madeira Wood Finish.

46% abv, €110, single malt
Nose: sweet, fruity, red berries, citrus, blood-oranges, slightly briny (?!), a touch of shellfish, green herbs, rosemary, sage and a touch of thyme
Palate: sweet, honey, floral, honeysuckle, raisins, green herbs, rosemary, sage, a hint of thyme, spicy, white pepper, fruit, berries, raspberries
Finish: rather on the short side, floral, honeysuckle, green herbs, rosemary
Mark: +++/++
Conclusion: a very pleasant drink. I am rather fond of ex-bourbon matured whiskies, and this absolutely seems to fit in this category. 

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