.strathclyde – 27yo – old particular

Strathclyde. A whisky many have never heard of, but most will probably have had some blended in a whisky of the Pernod Ricard range. Now, Douglas Laing have released a range of single grain bottlings, that include one of this distillery, which produces about 40 million litres of spirit per year – most of which disappears in said blended whiskies.

51.5% abv, €115, single grain, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: sweet, breakfast cereals, liquorice, coconut, cocoa-butter
Palate: sweet, laurel-liquorice, clover-honey, sage, creamy mouthfeel 
Finish: sweet, liquorice-root, sage, a slight marmalade bitter, medium long
Mark: ++/+++ 
Conclusion: I am not overly impressed. She is nice and quite different from any single malt you may encounter. She is like the girl in school that had a crush on you, but – although you liked her as a person, there were no other special feelings.
More info: Distilled in September 1987, matured for 27 years in a refill barrel, bottled into 198 bottles in June 2015.

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