.cameronbridge – 25 yo – old particular

With the recent up-rise of single grain whiskies, Douglas Laing added some fine specimens to their Old Particular range. It appears to be my very first Cameron Bridge I have ever made a note of…

60.0% abv, €112, single grain, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: very grainy, breakfast cereals
Palate: sweet, caramelized popcorn, salted butter, creamy mouth-feel, clover honey, herbs, basil, marjoram
Finish: sweet, breakfast cereals, creamy honey, rather short
Mark: +++++ 
Conclusion: The whopping 60.6% avb is not as noticeable as one would think. It obviously has its influences, but is not there to overpower. She has quite some flavour for a single grain, but I would not see myself digging this deep for a bottle.
More info: Distilled in June 1990, matured in refilled butt #10806, bottled into 282 bottles

many thanks to Douglas Laing for sending us a sample


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