.amrut – naarangi – batch #1 dec 2014

First time I tasted Amrut single malt, I expected something in very herbal and spicy, only because the whisky was created in India. I was somewhat disappointed that it was a clear and beautiful single malt…

50% abv, €60, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: sweet, oranges, spicy, ginger, cloves, fresh herbs, thyme, oregano
Palate: sweet, spicy, fresh ginger, a hint of cloves, oranges, lemon curd, dark chocolate
Finish: sweet, medium long, oranges, pure cocoa, drying towards the end
Mark: +++++ 
Conclusion: Very likeable, albeit not a daily dram.
More info from the bottle: Single malt whisky finished in an orange sherry cask. Amrut procured Oloroso sherry from Spain and infused the sherry with fresh orange peels for over 2 years. Then the sherry was emptied and filled with Amrut single malt for further maturation.
The result is an essay in elegance notable yet not dominated orange sherry notes perfectly fused into the whisky flavour. Hence the name Naarangi – orange in Hindi.

The first batch was limited to only 900 bottles worldwide. Because it is “something different” we bought some to share and enjoy on different byob festivals we attended in 2015.


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