.glenmorangie – the original

Recently, we were invited to an online twitter tasting with four different expressions of the Glenmorangie range. One of the expressions was the Glenmorangie Original, which I had Originally (see what I did there?) created a tasting note for in March 2013, in Dutch. High time to re-visit the dram and wonder myself why we do not have a bottle of this in our standard selection of whiskies…

40% abv, €30, single malt

Nose: fresh, a hint of sour apples, Granny Smith apples, sweet, honey, vanilla, marshmallows, red fruit, citrus, fresh orange squeeze, passion fruit
Palate: sweet, a hint of sour apples, granny Smith apples, sweet, honey, citrus, orange-zest, a hint of fresh bitter, unripe peaches, passion fruit, spicy, white pepper
Finish: sweet, honey, citrus, lime, oranges, creamy mouth feel as if I just ate whipped cream, medium long
Mark: ++++/+ 
Conclusion: Good stuff. For this price, there should be no reason not to have this in your standard selection and I wonder why it is not in ours. It is also very clear where the orangie in the name comes from (I know it is not, but it should be).

.thanks to Glenmorangie and (once again) Steve of theWhiskyWire for providing the samples 

.read more about our trip to the distillery in our WhiskySpeller article


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