.the balvenie – 12yo – single barrel #12760

Twelve long years in one ex-Bourbon barrel that was used for the first time after emptying the Bourbon out of it and shipping it to Scotland. After maturation only 300 bottles are drawn from each cask and sold in this Single Barrel range. The remainder of the cask is undoubtedly used in the Grant’s blends or the Balvenie DoubleWood expression.

48.7% abv, €70, single malt

Nose: sweet, vanilla, clover honey, floral, heather, mint, eucalyptus, fresh cranberries
Palate: sweet, clover honey, vanilla, spicy, white pepper, herbs, basil
Finish: sweet, vanilla, clover honey, long
Mark: +++/++ 
Conclusion: Really nice. My one comment is that the single barrels don’t get to be released at cask strength, which could (would?) add some some layers to it. And the price. Really?
(Okay, that were two comments…)

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