.the glenrothes – 1995-2012

In 1995, the distillery decided to lay down some whisky to eventually bottle as a single malt. This was the very first whisky they had put away for this purpose. Most of the distillery’s product disappears into the blends of the Edrington Group, such as the Famous Grouse because of a complex construction of ownership of the distillery and the Glenrothes brand between the Edrington Group and bottler Berry Bross. & Rudd.

43% abv, €55, single malt

Nose: sweet, vanilla, fruit, warn cherries, dried fruits, cranberries, a hint of struck matches, cream, milk chocolate
Palate: sweet, fruit, pears, from sour to overripe berries in seconds, plums, 
Finish: gentle, warming, sweet, vanilla, spicy, cinnamon, medium long
Mark: +++++ 
Conclusion: Again, this started with a layer of sulphur. Over time and with the help of a drop of water, she opened herself to reveal the fruity notes.

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