.octomore – 6.3 – islay barley

“For the very first time we are proud to release Octomore whisky distilled from 100% Islay barley and harversted in 2008 by farmer James Brown at Lorgba, a single field on his Octomore farm.

Peated to a stratospheric 258ppm, the highest ever released in the industry, this extraordinary dram embodies its island origins and carries its phenol count with an effortless grace…”

64% abv, €175, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: smoke, powerful, hot, eucalyptus, very strong lapsang souchong tea, fresh tobacco leaves, new leather
Palate: sweet, honey, ripe fruit, cherries, raspberries, gooseberries, hot (add water!), dry, peat smoke
Finish: sweet, fruit, warm apples, hot (really add water), long, dry
Mark: ++++/+ 
Conclusion: You either hate it or you love it. Clearly I belong to the latter category. With a never seen before 258 Part Per Million phenol count, some expect her to be the liquid equivalent of licking an ashtray, but, there is so much more to be found here. The addition of water obviously reduces the high abv which makes it actually drinkable – alcohol wise, but she can easily be drowned, so take care of the amount added. Again the price is an issue, but anything precious comes at a cost…
More info: “High on the hill above Loch Indaal, Octomore faces the rage of Atlantic weather systems and once housed its own farm distillery, most likely producing a very heavily peated spirit from home-grown barley.
In homage to its origins, this is Octomore of Octomore.”

Distilled in 2009, bottled into 18000 bottles in 2014.

Many thanks to the Dramhunter for his share of the sample.

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