.bunnahabhain – 1988-2014 – wemyss malts – kirsch gâteau

Kirsch Gâteau; Black Forest Gâteau, Black Forest cake, Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, all names for the same cake. Wemyss Malts is known for putting a fitting name on their bottles, and this bottling is no exception to their rule.

56% abv, €150, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: sweet, honeycomb, creamy salted butter, citrus fruits, blood oranges, dried fruits, especially cranberries, Christmas cake – lost and lots of Christmas cake (or maybe we should call it Kirsch Gâteau…)
Palate: sweet, honeycomb, dry, citrus fruits, oranges, tangerines, exotic fruits, pineapples, mangos, creamy butter, milk chocolate
Finish: sweet, long, dry, dried fruits, cranberries, chocolate, tobacco leaves, a hint of wood tannins
Mark: ++++/+
Conclusion: Another well named dram from the people of Wemyss Malts. A classic Bunnahabhain, matured in a good quality ex-Sherry butt for 26 years, released in 422 bottles. Another great dram.

If Wemyss (and other bottlers/ producers) would be bottling 20cl version of their high-end products, more people might be triggered to try them/ gift them to friends for a reduced price and be interested into buying a full bottle at full price, because this is really good stuff that does not get the attention it should.

Many thanks to Wemyss Malts for supplying us with a sample.

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