.octomore 7.2

“The latest exemplar of the cult that surrounds the world’s most heavily peated whisky series. A limited edition Cuvée that marries spirit matured in classic American oak with spirit matured in casks that once held Syrah created in the great vineyards of the Northern Rhône valley.”

58.5% abv, €110, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour
Nose: sweet, honey, red fruit, cherries, stone fruit, mango, smoky, bacon, “heavy”
Palate: spicy, hot red peppers, sweet, sweet, honey, red fruit, cherries, dried fruit, cranberries, stone fruits, mangos
Finish: smoky, briny, ash, bacon, sweet, red fruit, long
Mark: +++/++
Conclusion: I love this. I really do. Heavily peated whiskies, more often then not very young, are right up my alley. With another ridiculously high parts per milion phenol content (before distilling), this is less smoky as one would expect and with the ex-Wine cask maturation she gets a really nice layer of sweetness that adds up to create a beauty.
But; the price… is that really necessary?

More info: “All casks are held full term, providing the time and space for the subtle strength of European oak to temper the cultured fruit notes of classic French viniculture. Peated to 208ppm it is released at five years old when the massive phenols so characteristic of this extraordinary single malt are at their most vital. This is a spirit with a texture and depth of flavour that is simply inimitable.”

Many thanks to Bruichladdich for supplying us with a generous (20cl!) sample!


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