.port charlotte – 9yo – smws 127.37

“Dinosaurs dancing to Stravinsky” it says on the bottle. I get that. There is charcoal you would want to dance with…

nicked from

66.5% abv, €130, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: peat smoke, charcoal, sweet, liquorice root, a bonfire in summer, fruit, pears, mangos, dried fruits, figs, apricots, raisins, spicy, cinnamon, anise
Palate: hot, sweet, honeycomb, liquorice, smoke, charcoal, spicy, star anise, fruit, mangos, floral, a hint of violets, heather
Finish: sweet, smoky, liquorice root, anise, charcoal,
Mark: +++++
Conclusion: This. This is awesome. The only drawback is the price, but (in this particular case) that is not really something to hold me back. I. Want. This.
More info: Distilled on 20-08-2003, matured in ex-Sherry butt #127.37, bottled in 2013 into 649 bottles.

Many (many!) thanks to Yoav Gelbfish for giving us a sample of this. Greatly appreciated. 


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